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How To Choose An XBox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix Guide

Choosing an XBox 360 red ring of death fix and repair guide can be hard task to do. You need an effective, detailed and easy to follow guide with instructional videos that anyone can follow along even without prior experience fixing this type of problem, which is common to XBox 360.

The XBox 360 3 red lights indicate that the gaming console is not working anymore and no more happy gaming hours for yourself and your friends. That would be the first thought, as you might know … maybe on your research, you found that there are solutions offered to fix this type of problem and often suggesting that it is a hardware problem and they were so ineffective of fixing such type of problem.

At this very moment, you might be thinking of sending back your XBox to Microsoft and let them fix this problem for you. But, sending back to Microsoft would cost you around $ 140 and it takes time before it can be returned to you, mostly it can take up to 8 weeks before you can get hold of your XBox again. Just like me, I do not want to wait that long, I want solution that I can do myself and make that XBox working again so I can back into game in no time.

You do not want to crack the case of your XBox 360 yourself, do you? Once you're inside, the old conventional fixes require you to get your soldering iron and do the work that only skilled technicians should be doing. Your XBox 360 is a serious piece of gaming equipment, after all. It's not a cheap disposable toy.

More often you will end up to believe those absurd fixes that other people might tell you about getting rid of that XBox 360 3 red lights of death. One of which is tilting the console to 45 degrees and position the power adapter vertically or wrapping the console with towel and hope that the 3 red lights of death will disappear and green lights appear once again. These are ridiculous solutions, maybe you have tried it yourself but still those 3 red lights of death will not go away and you're stuck.

What you need is a guide that walk you through the repair through a simple step-by-step instructional videos and screenshots. Choose a guide that is made by the pros who reveal a simple and straight forward procedure that even those who do not have prior experience in fixing this type of problem can dot it themselves. No need to send back the XBox 360 to Microsoft. A guide that can really help you fix your XBox right in your own room where you are supposedly playing the game right now. You need an advanced effective methods but presented in a simple way. A method you can easily follow along easily and get your Xbox 360 red ring of death fix in a short amount of time.

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