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How to Find Work Typing

One day my teenage daughter asked me. “Mom, I think I have great text messaging skills… do you think I can find job in typing?” Well my first reaction (to myself) was “Are you kidding me… what kind of skills are in text messaging?” However being a wonderful mom that I am (smile), I said, “well it is a form of typing skills along with a strong sense of decoding… Ah ha! How about data entry in some fashion or form?

Data entry I believe is the most crucial part of any business. There are ALWAYS data to be entered. There are thousands of companies that hire data entry workers internally (meaning at the job site) and by ways of telecommuting (meaning they could work from home).

In my experience, one of thee best methods of getting work typing for companies are getting registered with Temporary Agencies. These are agencies that “just like the title”; find you temporary work to appease the employers who asked these agencies for help. Sometimes the assignments are short and sometimes they might be permanent. Once you get registered with them (by the way are FREE), they will do their best to find work in your line of expertise. Well with those great typing skills, these agencies can almost 95% of the time find work for you. This is a great way to start to see what areas or line of employers you want to get involved with.

Now you will come across a small hurdle but sometimes not… the agencies will ask or even give you a typing test. They want to make sure that you CAN type. Some people “fake the funk” and well lets just say it isn’t pretty. If they don’t offer the test or a certification for your typing skills, they will tell you where to go and if there is a cost at all.

Once you have registered and took your typing test and (Passed – smile) received your certification then you are now on the “Available List.” The available list basically means you are veering and ready to go to work. Now the average pass for typing tests are normally between 30-45 wpm depending on the employer or agency. However I am sure that YOU have those great speed skills already!

Last, be ready when your phone rings, or even get an email notification (You’ve got mail!) regarding your assignment. In order to get more jobs in the future you must show them a good attendance and a willing to take on assignments eagerly. Who knows… you just may land a permanent position with a company that you have always wanted to work for. But my suggestions, shop yourself around and look for these opportunities. Don’t settle for dull typing clerical positions…go and have fun with it!

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