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How to Get a Sexy Voice – Tips to Developing a Deep and Great Speaking Voice

How to get a sexy voice and have women fall in line just to have a date with you is like the chances of winning the lottery – one in a million. Did you know that this dream can be realized in your lifetime? This may sound a little too good to be true but if you arm yourself with tips to achieve a sexy speaking voice, you may just need a bodyguard to direct the long line of women camped outside your house.

Be that Mr. One-In-a-Million by following these ultra sexy tips:

1) Loosen Up

The secret on how to get a sexy voice is for you to loosen up. Move your head from side to side, up and down to relieve the pressure that is prohibiting you to speak in a sexy way. The secret in getting the desired quality of voice is to be at a relaxed state. This will allow your vocal chords to vibrate every time you speak and not leave you sounding like there is a frog or a mouse in your mouth.

2) Start Humming

Hold your horses since you haven’t scored a date yet but you can hum. This is one of the tips on how to get a sexy voice. You don’t need a guttural sound emanating from your throat so begin by closing your lips and give out a sound as if you are in a yoga class. With practice, you can have a deep, sexy voice in no time.

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