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How to Get to Know a Woman – Simple Tips on How to Get to Know a Woman

So you have just found the girl of your dream and you want to learn how to get to know a woman? In this article, we will go through a few simple ways.

1) Through her friends

How do you get to met her? Is it through her friends? If that is the case, I believe you must know her friends.

So what can you do?

Well, ask her friends of course. You should at least be able to find out what she likes, what she dislikes, her occupation, her birthday and so on.

2) Talk to her

I can not think of a better way to know a woman than to talk to her. You can either talk to her in person or through the phone. Perhaps you can ask her out for a date.

During your first date, try to avoid talking about boring things. Try discussing interesting topics. Some examples of good topics to talk about include her interest, if you have already found out from her friends what she likes.

If this is not possible, you can try other topics like celebrities news, her opinions about other interesting topics like comedy, movies etc. In the beginning, try not to talk about boring topics like which school you are from, where did you go afterwards.

The first date should be fun and interesting. Remember, you are not interrogating her, so leave those boring topics aside. You will get to know them once you know her better.

Occidentally, when you have the chance, you can also tease her. This makes you more attractive to her. Do not try to be an overly nice guy.

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