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How to Identify a Red Coral Bracelet

A red coral bracelet is fine and fashionable jewelry; wearing this bracelet has great help to the body. If you accidentally buy a fake one, then there will be some radiation that is bad for the body, so when selecting red coral bracelet, we must be careful, because now there are lots of fake bracelets in the market. Let us have a look at the characteristics, so as not to be cheated.

Red coral is formed by precipitates with a name of the sea coral skeleton. The shape likes tree, and its color resembles the fire. Red coral, gold, silver, pearls, agate, amber and glass are considered as the Buddhist Qibao, among which the most precious jewelry is red coral. coral lives in the deep ocean of 200 to 2,000 meters, and it will increase one inch in about 20 years and add one kilograms in 300 years, which was seen as the sea treasures. 80% of the whole red Coral yield is produced in Taiwan, enjoying the “national treasure” title.

First, the color range of red coral: AKA Red, MOMO red, ANGEL SKIN Pink, pink and white.

Second, detail features of red coral beads:

1. It is the only living jewellery, shiny, bright, warm, pleasant, crystal clear, enchanting.

2. There is a natural oblique transverse texture; every piece of coral is not the same.

3. There is a natural defect, such as white point, black specks and small spots, if so, it is normal, not defective products.

4. Wearing it on the body can promote blood circulation, and according to individual physical condition there will be a variety of different colors changes.

5. Coral jewelry can make blood active and improve eyesight, it is also auspicious symbol of wealth.

Third, simple method to identify red coral bracelet:

1. Longitudinal view: if you look it straightly, you will find that coral has parallel vertical lines, its direction likes the parallel coral cylinder.

2. Look it in parallel direction: a cross section of the coral like growth rings, with small and large. Some may be concentric circles, and generally can be seen on the coral ornaments.

3. see color: the color of coral is from the inside to out. Take coral columns as an example,, you will find the deeper color if the surface is closer.. That is to say, coral’s color is uneven, and if there is the same coral color inside and outside, we must suspect that there are false!

Fourth, several common factors about false red coral:

1. White coral staining: it is commonly known as the sea of bamboo, which is characterized by a very clear vertical grain and coarse texture.

2. Filled coral staining: a loose texture of shallow coral reef is filled in plastic way. Its characteristics are smooth, rough, fragile, and color is easy to transform.

3. Synthetic coral staining: a variety of shellfish and corals are making powdered rubber, plastic will be injected into the various shapes of coral, there is no natural texture.

4. All kinds of imitation jade, coral: stained stone is made of dolomite. Its characteristics: if you do not handled this stain properly, it will fade very fast.

5. Plastic dyeing coral: it is dyed by using plastic products. Its characteristics: very light texture, color is easy to fade, there is no natural texture and gloss.

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