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How to Make a Study Timetable – Academic Success Through Study

Most successful students know how to make a study timetable. If you want to succeed at getting good grades, then you may want to try this to make a schedule.

A study timetable helps you to stay on track with your studies. When you plan ahead, you know what you need to do and when you need to do it by. A timetable can also help you to fit in other activities that are important to you.

For many people, it's easiest to make a study timetable that's made up of columns. Start by drawing a small border along the top and left sides of the paper. This is where you'll put the days and the times. It does not have to be as big as your real columns. Divide the rest of the paper into seven columns. List the days at the top.

Then, create rows for each time period. It's usually best to divide your time into one-hour blocks. It's OK if you have a particular project that takes longer than an hour, but this allows you to easily divide your time. Write your change times along the left side of the paper on each row.

Now that you have the basic outline for your study timetable, you may want to make copies of this. It's easier to use a copy than to draw it fresh each week.

Fill in the time periods with your mandatory activities. These may include classes, after school activities, or family activities. If you have a study hall or a gap in between classes, leave that time frame blank for now because you can add in study time later.

Look at your class project deadlines for the upcoming week. Do you have any large projects due? Any big tests coming up? These are the things that should take priority over other studies. Put them into your blank spots first. After you've got the major projects mapped out, pencil in time for general studying or for daily homework assignments.

If you do this on a weekly basis, you'll be in pretty good shape for getting all of your assignments done and doing well on your tests.

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