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How to Make Gold in WoW – The Gold Making Secret All Players Need to Know

Everyone who plays World of Warcraft wants their character to be as powerful as possible. And to do that, all experienced players know that having plenty of gold is one of the most important parts of the game. But it does not always seem easy to do. Sometimes it just looks like you spend hours a day farming and doing daily quests but you just never seem to have as much gold as other players. Those players know how to make gold in WoW. So how do they do it?

Lets face it, knowing how to make gold in WoW is not a luxury, its is absolutely needed if you want to be a great player, no matter what style of play you like. If you are a PvPer, you need lots of gold for PvP equipment and for potions, high foods that increase your stats and other consumables that will give you that edge over your opponents on the field of battle.

If you want to raid the latest content, you too will need potions and consumables to push your dps, healing or tanking abilities to their limit. Plus repair costs can really mount up when you are learning new fights.

And what about flying mounts? These can cost you as much as 8k gold in total and there are entire areas of the game that you can not even get to with out a flyer. That means quests, xp and gear you just will not have access to if you can not afford one. Now you even need 1k gold per character just to get a dual spec option.

The fastest, easiest way to make gold in WoW is to learn two gathering professions. Gathering professions make you more gold than other methods for a few reasons. Gathering is easy. All you need to do is find a node, gather from it then send the stuff to the auction house to sell. You do not have to find or buy rare ingredients like you do when you craft items to sell. And you can sell items that you gather in volume. Players do not want to buy just one copper bar, they want to buy as many as you can sell! That means plenty of gold for you and its easy to make.

Mining is definitely the most profitable of the three gathering professions right now. It provides ingredients to blacksmiths, engineers and jewelers. Alchemy got more useful in patch 3.0 because it now provides ingredients for Inscription as well as Alchemy. Of course this could change at any time. WoW changes with every patch and what makes gold and what does not can always change. You need to stay informed if you want to know how to make gold in WoW all the time.

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