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How to Prepare for a Casting

Getting ready for a casting? Frozen in front of your bathroom mirror with a disgruntled expression? Here are a few insider secrets from our in-house model coach to help you prepare for your first casting!

1. The 3 P's – Preparation + Practice = Perfection!
OK so I know what you're thinking (another bloody team building exercise!), But I kid you not! It is a winning formula! So let's take a look at how it works.

No-one likes to do home-work! But it could have the difference between you getting the job or falling flat on your face! Eg I once attended a casting for Japanese designer – Yasuyuki Ishii – it was to showcase his autumn / winter collection. Walked through the door … and everyone was in BLACK! And there is me standing in the middle of the room pretty much from head to toe representing every one of the primary colors. The moral of the story is to make sure you do your research on the designer – what palettes do they use? – What past models have they booked? – What look / style do they lean towards? All these facts should determine how you approach your casting! – What you wear and how you hold yourself! A casting is a as much a presentation as it is an interview. Here are a few tips on how to best present yourself at a basic casting!

– What to wear ?! – Keep it basic and neutral (think blank canvas) also wear clothes that show off your silhouette! (No point in turning up to a models' casting dressed head to toe in the latest outside tent from Argos!)
– How to present yourself ?! – Firm handshake! Let them know you mean business! Do not pull away until they do! Without of course you end up standing there squeezing their hand for ten minutes and creating an uncomfortable atmosphere! Keep your chin level with the floor and your shoulders back and relaxed and walk with a purpose!
– What to say ?! – If they ask you to stand in front of a camera and tell them your name and about yourself! – do not stand there and tell them 'my name is Bob and I live in London' you should say something unique about yourself like 'My name is Bob and I can fit ten brownies in mouth at one time' you need to create that lasting impression so when they are looking back at the videos they say 'oh yer … the brownie guy'! No-one is going to remember 'Bob from London'.


So this is the fun bit !! Well it's my favorite part of preparing for a casting as it is up to you how you go about it!

– Make use of the mirrors in the house – every time I pass a mirror (in the house or even in a store!) I 'STRIKE A POSE'! This will enable you to get a feel for the versatility that they look for in a casting!
– Every time the camera goes off in a casting they are looking for versatility and ability so change your facial expression and pose!
– Or if you are a dancer or an actor / actress then play to your strengths and you will probably have a leg up (so to speak) on how to move in front of the camera. Film yourself for 5 mins doing what you do best! And pick certain forms and shapes out and incorporated them into a pose.

Source by Ben S Usher

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