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How to Shop For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re planning to propose marriage over the coming weeks or if you are a woman who expects your man to ask for your hand in marriage, then you’ll need to have a diamond engagement ring with you in order to set the right mood. Not just any diamond engagement ring, mind you, but the one that you’ll be pleased to present and something she’ll be thrilled to wear.

Shopping For the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

So, where do you shop for a diamond engagement ring? Traditional jewelry stores have faithfully served customers for generations, but they no longer dominate. Instead, customers are turning to the internet to find retailers who can offer high quality diamonds at reduced prices. With the economy being tight right now, these types of savings are all the more attractive.

When shopping via the internet for an engagement ring, consider the following before purchasing from any company:

Deal Direct – Lots of storefronts have popped up over the years, many are selling the same quality rings as those found at your mall jewelry store. However, some of these retailers are selling their products as a third party, meaning they’re acting as middlemen. That translates into a price mark up, adding to the cost of your engagement ring. Where possible, deal direct or through the retailer’s affiliate sites.

Rate Rings – When shopping for a diamond engagement ring, you might be overwhelmed by the many choices out there. To narrow down your selection, create a rating system of what is important to you in a diamond ring:

1. Price – What is your budget for the ring? Paying the equivalent of at least two weeks of you salary is a good measuring tool.

2. Band – What type of metal will you be choosing? White gold, yellow gold and platinum are the most common choices with platinum costing the most.

3. Setting – Will you be choosing a diamond solitaire, a ring with side stones, or some other arrangement?

4. Miscellaneous – The shape of the stone and the number of prongs to hold the diamond in place are also to be considered. Finally, don’t forget to find out what her ring size is before you place your order.

Shop Secure – Though the internet has been proven to be a secure way to shop, you can ensure that your buying experience is a good one by patronizing a website that offers a secure checkout. This means that one of two things must be present: when checking out, the company’s web address adds an “s” to the http portion of the web address (for example, https://www.jamesallen.com) or a tiny closed padlock will appear at the bottom of your web browser. If neither is present, then you could be vulnerable to having your personal information stolen.

Miscellaneous Musings – Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your retailer offers a guarantee, preferably one where you can return the ring, if needed. Further, what sort of shipping arrangements do they have? Will you be charged taxes on your diamond engagement ring? And, can the company be reached via a toll free number? You want to have the ability to speak with a representative too, someone who knows rings and can help you out.

You’re ready to Propose!

Once the engagement ring has arrived and you’ve inspected it, then it is time for you to propose marriage. For tips on how to propose, please read our articles “Summer Marriage Proposals – Setting the Right Mood!” and “How to Propose Marriage This Christmas” for those details.

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