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I Think it Will Be a "Forever" Memory

As I looked out the window, the tree branches walked in the wind and the snowflakes looked like immense crocheted stars floating down to earth. I had never seen such large flakes. This was the kind of snowstorm that I just loved because it left a pure white blanket covering everything, sticking to the trees and bushes and even draping the mail box to form a little snow mound. But there would be no getting out on a day like today and I had been thinking about my little girl's room for too many weeks. I did not want to put it off any longer because her 5th birthday was coming up in March. I really wanted to have the surprise all ready for her before her birthday.

Wondering what I could do, I decided to check my email and see if my sister had written about the science project her girls were doing for their home school classes. Nothing was there and even the junk mail was light today. It must be the weather.

I drifted off into "GoogleLand" and decided to put in a search for Princess Rocker. The search brought up a number of possibilities and I finally clicked on this very neat website. The name, Kids Painted Furniture Shop, did not strike my attention as much as the pretty little girl at the top of the page. My, she looks a lot like my Kellie.

What I found seemed to be just what I had been wanting; a princess table and chairs set and a child's rocker. These pieces would look so great in her room and give her some place of her own to read and play games, do homework and put puzzles together. The pieces were just so feminine and yet sturdy.

Now that the room is finished, I am so happy that there was that snowstorm. It was not only beautiful but we finished Kellie's room just in time for her birthday and we have pieces that she will enjoy for all of her growing up years.

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