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Insanely Easy New Google PPC Tip Guarantees You'll Do Better

You do not know this yet, but you're trying too hard. Against all the advice your Mom gave you, you're about to learn how trying too hard in life can actually be worse than settling for less. ESPecially when it comes to Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

You see, there's a new, easy way fix your Google PPC problems … simply by giving up an idea you may hold dear.

Listen up, because this is cool stuff …

Hot-off-the-presses, new eye-tracking research has exposed the notification that being in the # 1 spot in the Google PPC results is the best place to be. Enquiro, a privately held research firm, headquartered in British Columbia, Canada compiled this amazing research. Here's what they discovered by tracking and recording hundreds of peoples' eye movements, and their response to Google search results pages. In particular, the sponsored search results (Pay-Per-Click ads).

What follows is very important.

Their study clearly shows that Google searchers heavily focus on the top-left side of the page. Sponsored search results at the top (typically the top three spots) receive significant greater visibility; being seen by 80% -100% of participants, compared with only 10% -50% of the seekers who looked at sponsored ads on the right-hand side.

Obviously, getting into the top of the search results page is very important to get noticed. However, the study also shows that many participants were quick to click on the very top spot.

Too darn quick.

Are you starting to see how trying to get the top spot in Google has the real potential to hurt you and your business? In other words, searchers act impulsively when presented with the # 1 spot in Google.

Now here's why all this matters you, as a Google PPC advertiser;

You do not want your prospects to click on your ads impulsively. Instead, you need them to think before they click …. to ponder your ad just a tiny bit more. Because the deeper they think about your ad before clicking on it, the less likely they are to waste your money.

Do you understand what this means?

By the time they reach your ad a little lower down, they're pre-qualified buyers! So give up your goal of being in the # 1 spot at the top of the Google search results page!

Obviously, you should stop wasting money fighting it out with other businesses for the very top sponsored search spot. And instead, let your competition beat themselves to death on it.

Meanwhile, you – in the more efficient # 2 or # 3 spot, are happily allowing those other advertisers to pre-qualify your prospects for you.

OK, that's it for now … you can take it from here. And remember, Mom was wrong; you need to relax more and stop trying to be Numero Uno!

Source by Roger Hall

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