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Is Emotional Cheating a Form Of Infidelity?

When a platonic friendship is turned into an emotional cheating, people could get hurt. We already know that emotional affairs are far more destructive than sexual encounters simply because it involves emotional attachment. Apart from that, betrayal, confidentiality and breach of trust are always present in any forbidden relationship.

So, What Exactly Emotional Cheating Is?

Emotional cheating occurs when one person gives his love to an opposite sex despite the fact that he's with someone else already. Furthermore, there's always this outstanding sharing of marriage details, hopes or aspirations, fears, dreams or just about anything. It's not difficult to tell if your partner is having an emotional affair with someone else. Here are a couple of signs to watch:

• This relationship is a closely guarded secret, and that includes the things they have shared or discussed.

• Your partner shares pretty much everything to this person, including his dreams, fears, and plans more than he does to you.

• He's sharing your marriage details to this person without your consent.

• Your partner will not allow you to meet his new friend, or if you do, interactions are in a very limited fashion.

• You feel that your partner is not attracted to you anymore – emotionally or physically.

• Even without sexual contact, your partner is having sexual attractiveness to this her.

No Sex and its Infidelity, Why Is That So?

Because of its potential impact to hurt the spouse, experts have realized it's the new face of infidelity. In order to keep the cheating going on without the wife's knowledge, a reasonable amount of emotional energy is spent to hide the relationship.

Every married couple needs to exert emotional energy to keep their bonding going on, and taking this energy and divert it to the opposite sex will only hurt the marriage because:

• There's far less attention given to the spouse because all the emotional energies were used up already. The marriage shakes, struggles and the feeling of disconnect begins.

• Jealousies set in. The spouse begins to fight for her rights, trust crumbles down and intense fight and confrontations will likely to follow.

• The absence of emotional attachment will have negative effects on the couple's love and sex connections. The heat and attraction are now dwindling.

Safeguard Your Marriage.

If your marriage is struggling with emotional infidelity, the fastest way to get back on the right track is to break away from emotional attachment and turn it again to platonic friendship. Refuse to discuss matters that involve emotions or personal aspirations. Better yet, avoid meeting her too frequently. If it does not work, then avoid her at all cost.

Every marriage is tested and this is the right time to show that your spouse did make the right choice with you. You can bounce back from emotional cheating only if you allow yourself to.

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