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Istanbul, A Unique City Where Two Continents Meet

Istanbul is a unique city with an astonishing beauty. It is unique because it is the only city in the world that lies in two continents, Europe and Asia. Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey but it is the largest city in Turkey with over 20 million population and being the largest trade center between Europe and Asia.

Besides being commercial heart of Turkey, it is also a historical city which has more than 1500 years of imperial history. It was the world's first Christian capital and then became the capital of Ottoman Empire. Now Turkey is a secular country and Istanbul is a modern metropolis.

The heart of Istanbul is said to be Sultanahmet which is also the heart of Ottoman Empire. If you want to visit Istanbul than you can start your tour from here. This is the home of Hagai Sophia, The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hippodrome and the Basilica Cistern.

After Sultanahmet there are a lot of places to visit. The most popular place is Taksim where you can shop stay in hotels. Taksim found in Beyoglu District is a place with old apartments like an old European district. There are a lot of restaurants and bars, also you can have wonderful night shows in many night clubs. Also, Grand Bazaar which is found in Beyazit district is one of the world's oldest markets. You can find jewelery, Turkish carpets, pottery and fabrics.

Daily sightseeing Istanbul tours are famous, you can pick one from several tour programs and you can see historical and most attractive places of Istanbul. Also you can have private guided Istanbul tours where you can also make your own tour program with your private tour operator. Dinner cruise night shows are amazing shows where you can see oriental belly dance with the panoramic view of Istanbul by the Bosphorus at night.

If you want history, architecture, special cuisine, culture, beauty you should gaze on Istanbul.

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