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I've Never Written a Losing Sales Letter – Here's My Secret

I believe that I can take any newbie copywriter who has never written a sales letter in their life, sit down and train them, and within a few weeks have them writing runaway winning advertisements and sales promotions. That's because I know just a few tricks that make all the difference.

I actually spend very little time writing the copy itself. I've found that is not so important. Instead, I spend almost all my time focusing on my offering.

Let's consider – how good of a copywriter do you have to be sell a man dying of thirst some water? Not very good. You just say to him: "Thirsty? Buy my water!" You'll close the sale.

There are a lot of ways to beef up your offer so that it is so juicy, people will buy from you even if you have poor copy. However, I stick with only one tactic that I call product overload.

When I first got in the internet marketing game, I realized there was one thing I was really, really good at – that's writing content. Well, with information products, the key is writing high quality content. But that's not all.

Once you can create content, you can do some pretty cool things with it. You can turn reports into video courses. You can turn spokes into audio products. You can literally give you potential buyer so much valuable content without much actual cost, that you can make them feel stupid if they do not buy from you.

When I enter into a market, I look at what my other competitors are doing. I try to find a competitor selling a product at $ 47, and one selling a product at $ 297. Then, what I do is very simple – I try to deliver something similar to the $ 297 product, but I only charge $ 47 for it.

My prospects are not stupid. They look at my offer and know that it should be priced much higher. Then their greed glands kick in, and they buy because they know it's a killer deal.

Plus, the great thing about a really enticing offer is that you can brag about it. It'll be the focus of your headline. It will be the reason for why there is scarcity for the product. Hey, it's such a good deal that you can not offer it forever.

When you give people a great offer, and then threaten to only make that offer available for a limited time, you'll have them scrambling to whip out their credit cards and buy as soon as they can.

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