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Jewelry – How to Enhance Your Appearance by Selecting the Right Metal

Wearing the wrong color metal in your jewelry or other accessories can cause you to look very blah or worse make you look so much older and duller than you could be. We all have a complexion that looks better with some colors than others. Basically we fall into four different color ranges and it is quite amazing the difference that it makes by putting the right metal color with the right color group.

I will put a link below where you can check out these four groups of color, you should recognize the group that you fit into the best. Groups 1 and 2 are the cooler shades while groups 3 & 4 are the warmer ones. For a more precise study on which group you belong to there are helpful books available on the subject. Or go through your wardrobe and hold different colored items up near your face while checking your appearance in front of the mirror. You will see which ones give you a lift and which ones do not. Alternately if you have an honest friend ask for their opinion. Just be careful that they do not choose their own favorite colors, they must be able to evaluate what is best for you.

I am sure that most have experienced something similar to this. I found a gorgeous top in a lovely shade of blue with a V neckline delicately decorated with beads. Being in a hurry I did not try it on until I was home. I stood in front of the mirror and it was just plain blah. I took it back to the store and the attendant commented on what a beautiful top it was. I said that I loved it but when I pay that much for a top it has to do something for me and unfortunately this top did nothing for me. Simple, I had not taken the time to see that although I can wear some blues this one was not in my color range.

So that brings us back to jewelry. From very young I was led to believe that gold is the only way to go. As I was buying gold earrings my friend suggested that I try silver ones. The effect was dramatic, my whole face took on a brighter more alive look. It was quite exciting.

If you go to the link below you will see the four color groups. Groups 1 and 2 are for the ones who are enhanced by wearing Silver, Platinum or White Gold. These are wonderful metals that will bring out the best in you. Beside the white metals these 2 groups look just wonderful in diamonds and white pearls. For everyday use you probably do not wear diamonds so go for the clear diamond like cubic zirconiums.

Sterling silver makes brilliant jewelry, if you get a bit tired of cleaning it, you can get Sterling silver with 18K white gold filled or plated jewelry which will not need cleaning so often and it looks so good.

Groups 3 and 4 you get to shine and look your best in Gold. Group three in particular can also wear brass and copper shades.

All groups can wear a mixture of white and gold metals in the one piece of jewelry. This is a really attractive mix. With the color of other gems, beads and jewelry decorations be guided by the colors in your group of colors.

You will get used to looking for the right colors and it becomes much easier with practice, then you will start to notice those around you or even television presenters that have made a bad choice of what to wear today, you just know that they could be looking a whole lot better.

Choose to wear the right metal color for that extra sparkle and advantage. Enjoy the compliments coming your way.

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