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Jock Itch – All About The Fungal Infection

Jock itch is so named because a large percentage of male athletes get affected by this fungal infection. But it can be seen in anyone as an infection in the anal, genital and thigh areas of their bodies. This skin infection is very much similar to a ringworm and the most affected part is the groin area of ​​the body of both sexes, but more commonly in males. These appear in the form of red patches in which the patient feels severing itching sensation. Standard anti-fungal treatments are used to treat jock itch, the symptoms of which include itching and red patches in the groin area, mostly confined in the area near the anus, surrounding skin and inner thighs.

These are characterized by red patches defined with dark borders. These patches are raised, form scales and can also ooze. Patches are in the shape of a ring and their color is darker at the edges than at the center. Normally, jock itch is simply identified by seeing the condition of the skin, but in case of doubt, the fungus can be identified by performing a biopsy. Jock itch can also be called as tinea cruris, which is caused when a fungus associated to the dermatophyte family gets multiplied on the skin of the groin area. It gets multiplied mostly in the humid and hot places, for which the groin area is perfect. Anybody who gets in contact with an infected person, or shares his or her towel or clothes may catch jock itch.

People who wear tight under garments and sweat very much are more susceptible to jock itch. Another factor that contributes to the infection is obesity, eczema, AIDS and diabetes.
Anti-fungal ointments, creams and powders can be used in cases of mild jock itch. But if the problem is not able to be solved in more than 15 days, then it is better to consult a doctor, who will prescribe some oral anti-fungal medicines.

Sometimes, scratching a lot can add to the problem by causing bacterial infections. To prevent this, the doctor will tell the medications to relate itching also. Some preventative measures for jock itch are to keep dry the groin area, as it is more prone to the infection. Wearing tight fitting clothes and clothes that cause friction on the body should be avoided as far as possible. Sharing towel with other people should also be avoided because this is a communicable infection. The infection can also be transmitted from one person to another while having sex or while coming in close contact with the infected person.

Taking bath regularly and keeping the vulnerable areas clean is also important to avoid the problem. Even if someone catches the infection, scratching the area should be avoided as far as possible, because this will only worsen the problem. Some people are more prone to jock itch and they catch the infection time and again. They should regularly use an anti-fungal powder on the groin area after drying it and consult the doctor for further treatment procedures.

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