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Know More about Frame Styles

In the past, people will not wear eyeglasses until they suffer from vision problems and really need a pair of corrective eyeglasses, as the frame of eyeglasses at that time usually give an impression that nerd or dull for wearers. Moreover, those people who wear eyeglasses were often be made fun by others. With the development of technology, there are great changes in optical market and eyeglass is not only just for people who need vision tool. They come in a variety of the fashionable and stylish eyeglasses with many kinds of charming frame designs. There, we would like to show you several kinds of typical stylish frames.



Eyeglasses in aviator shape were first created by people in early 1986 when the military germane before World War II and the glamour of the ‘ace’ included his fashion accessories. Those who couldn’t fly could still lick to behold cool significance mirrored, teardrop-shaped eyewear, making the final successes. From then on, aviator sunglasses were considered as one of the most popular items that own people’s honors and widely spread across the world later. The aviator sunglasses have a special shape- double brow-bar style between the two lenses. In order to keep the good shape, it is usually made with the some durable materials like metal, titanium and so forth which are also more resistant to impact. Today’s aviators become the most popular accessory among male and female.

Cat-eye frame

Cat-eye frame is distinguished from traditional eyeglasses that simulates the fashionable element of modern spectacles, besides, they are almost the exclusive frame style for female only.They are the thick semi-rimmed sunglasses, which the only upper parts are wraped. It began to be famous when Audrey Hepburn’s worn it in the firm of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Now, cat-eye frame is a trendy eyewear that quite popular among young women.   



Wraparound design is a latest shape that only made for sunglasses ,which is called as wraparound sunglasses. It actually uses the regular eyeglass frames and tinted or photochromic lenses to make a pair of RX sunglasses. Different from the other sunglasses, the new collection of the most affordable prescription sunglasses are made of real sunglasses with wraparound look.

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