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Learn How to Cook Chinese Stir Fry Today!

Stir Fry dishes are very popular along the Chinese. Chinese Stir fry is easy to make and very tasty. The common ingredients used in stir-fry are vegetable oil, salt, garlic, oyster sauce, etc. Some people like eating stir-fry dishes alone while others like taking it with cooked white rice. Lets look at the following simple Chinese Stir fry recipe that you can prepare for your family and friends. When it is done, you will find that it looks like one of those expensive Chinese cuisines serve by restaurants!

Stir Fry – Winter Melon With Chicken


Winter Melon 100 g
Chicken Meat 120 g
Ginger 5 g
Onion 5 g


Vegetable Oil 2 tablespoon
Salt 5 g
Oyster Sauce 1 tablespoon
Tomatoes Sauce 1 tablespoon


Step 1: Shred away winter melon green outer layer. Cut it into rectangular cubes. Cut chicken into rectangular cubes.

Step 2: Shred away ginger brown outer layer. Cut ginger and onion into slices.

Step 3: Heat wok with water. Add in melon. Bring it to boil. Put cooked melon on a plate to be used later.

Step 3: Heat wok. Add in oil. When the oil is hot, put in slice ginger followed by slice chicken one after another at an interval of 3 minutes. Stir-fry it until the chicken is cooked.

Step 4: Add in oyster sauce, slice onion and tomatoes sauce one after another at an interval of 3 minutes. Stir-fry it at every interval.

Step 5: Cover the wok until it produces an aroma. Check that the melon and chicken are soft and cooked. Put it on a plate and get ready to serve!

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