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Learn to Play by Ear – Piano Playing Tips

There is a stigma these days that is attached to the whole idea of ​​playing piano by ear. It's probably because many people do not know how to properly play by ear. It's like the hidden skill of the piano world. I think that people do not understand exactly what playing by ear is. Playing by ear is nothing a hard and it can add depth and in range to your piano play. It will have you playing songs that you never thought possible. Are you ready for that?

The first thing to understand when you learn to play by ear is that the piano is made up of a mathematical formula. It sounds technical but it's really not. All I'm saying is that the piano in most aspects is a pretty predictable instrument. Everything's laid out in patterns. The key is understanding these patterns. If you look at a piano you'll notice there's why keys and black keys which have a certain two black, then three black keys repeated. This happens through the piano. It does not matter whether you play it on the high keys or on the low there is always a pattern.

So how can you learn the pattern? Well you can spend years crying and jumping but that will not help you. Maybe prayer will. Seriously, you just need someone to teach you. The problem is not many piano teachers teach how to play by ear. So where does that leave you? But, there is an option. There are some online piano courses that are specialized in teaching you the skill. The great thing about these courses is the present you with audio and video to give you a full multimedia experience of learning.

I suggest you be careful. When searching for an online piano course, do not be swayed by the pretty sales copy on a website. This is nice but you really want substance. There are some websites that have great sales copy and great substance. There are some that have horrible sales copy and are great. That is why I recommended you really do in depth research on the course. I tell you this because I was in the same boat. Online piano courses are reliably much cheaper then piano teachers. With the right piano course you will learn to play by ear. I know this because I know how to play by ear. And I learned using this method.

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