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List Building – Is A Big List Important?

Most successful Internet marketers today agree that having a mailing list is important. Search engine rankings may plummet and pay per click ads may become too expensive to be effective, but your subscribers will always be there. If you have responsive subscribers, you have the power to create money on demand. But is a big list really important?

Well, many marketers say that the quality of the list is more important than the quantity. That is true to a certain extent. If you have a large list but nobody is buying your offers, then your list is not worth much. But if your subscriber base is small and very responsive, it's certainly worth a lot.

But while we are at it, why not build a large subscriber base? Indeed, why not? If you have quality and quantity, is not that the ideal situation? Having a large and responsive email base of people to mail out to should be the ultimate goal of every online entrepreneur. If you have the ability to funnel in quality leads, then why not generate more of them? You should!

Imagine if you have a leads base of 1,000 subscribers and they are highly responsive. Now, imaging if you have 2,000 leads of the same quality. You would definitely make more money!

So if you want real success in an online business, focus on quality and quantity when building your opt-ins. When you do this, success will not be far away at all! You will be able to generate money pretty much any time you want!

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