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Luke Brown Guide – A Quick Look Inside the Best WoW Gold Guide

The Luke Brown guide entitled Gold Secrets for World of Warcraft is indeed one of the longest running WoW gold guides available online. Due to the fact that it has withstood the test of time, and is continuously updated by the author, it is also probably the best gold guide for the money.

When I got stuck with a high-level character but no gold, I decided to look out which guides people were saying positive things about, and Luke Brown's guide was overwhelmingly the favorite. In the interest of helping out fellow WoW'ers, I thought I'd give you my two cents and a bit of an inside look at the guide and its contents.

INSIDE THE GUIDE : This 325 page beast of a guide is where you're going to find the bulk of the gold making strategies. The guide is set up in a convenient manner, with strategies from the original, BC, and WotLK laid out in that order. It also has a really detailed table of contents with links to each strategy, making it easy to find the appropriate gold-making tips for where you are in the game. The guide also contains tons of color maps and screenshots, along with really well-written explanations.

EXTRAS : The nice thing about the Luke Brown guide is that it comes with some really useful extras. Most of them are in the form of mini-guides including:

  • The Auctioneer's Resource
  • WoW Profit Chart
  • Fishing Facts Guide
  • Twink Profits Guide
  • and more …

All in all, you get 7 total bonuses, including free access to the WoW Gold Forums, a really great resource for the latest tips and tricks.

FAVORITE TECHNIQUE : One of my favorite techniques involves grabbing some Dark Iron from the rather dangerous Blackrock Depths (best to stealth in and out), then turning around and selling it for a TON of gold. I made like 200 gold in a couple hours of play with this one. The guide explains everything on how to accomplish this and a ton more.

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