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Making Gold With Mining in WoW

Ask anyone who has played WoW (World of Warcraft) for a while and they will tell you that one of the easiest ways for new players to make gold is to pick up a gathering profession. And of the gathering professions it's likely that you'll be told to pick up mining as one of them. Mining is a really great way for new players to make gold but it's not just for new players, veteran players can benefit from the high amount of gold that can be made while mining.

Mining is really simple to do, just go out and farm for some ore. The ore you should be farming should be in fact the high level ores like saronite ore and titanium ore (which is a rare node spawn of saronite ore). It makes no sense to mine for lower level ores when most of the time you will come back with the same or maybe a bit more ore but will only be able to sell it for a small amount compared to the high end ores.

As for what to do next, you can either sell the orses as or take the time to make them into bars and then sell them. If you are lucky enough to have jewelcrafting you can prospect the ores and then cut the gems you get from prospecting. Or if you have engineering or blacksmithing you can use the ores to craft bars to make items.

Mining is a really easy and fast way to make gold wherever you are a new or old player. All you need to do is just get out and mine!

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