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Making Gold With Ore in Northrend – Hidden "Secrets" Exposed

As of recent trend, making gold with ore is becoming more and more popular due to the shear amount of fun behind scene – It’s far better than spending your whole day bogging down the Auction House for cheap deals.

If you’ve updated to “Wrath of the Lich King” you’ll notice that there’re 3 new ores added, and it’s these ores that will help you explode your stash with piles of gold.

Colbat Ore

You’ll find Cobalt ore in Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, Dragonblight, and Grizzly Hills in solid amounts with smaller numbers in other zones. Keep an eye on it because Colbat ores drop in different slews varying by different zones. Sometimes, you’ll even get Crystallized Earth, Fire or Shadow – keep them! Making gold with ores in Northrend is a breeze if you have some of them, they’re extremely valuable during Auction.

Saronite Ore

Saronite ore, this sort of ore is superb in terms of value across the content, and it’s also easily found in most zones starting from Northrend. Saronite ore could be found in normal and rich veins, you’ll usually get between 1 – 3 ores for the normal ones or even better, 2 – 5 ores fore rich veins. You should really consider this if making gold with ore is your main plan – a good routine can bank you up to 300 gold within an hour.

Titanium Ore

Now, this is the hard part, but the most profitable side while making gold with ore in Northrend. Titanium ore is extremely rare in Northrend, and due to its highly valuable property (Titanium ores are used in high level crafting) you might be able to sell just one stack for 200 gold or above. Nothing to be surprised about that. You can find them on nodes of both Cobalt and Saronite in any zones you’re entering – You won’t find them in just one spot.

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