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Master Cleanse Ingredients

The Master Cleanse program was first created by Stanley Burroughs in 1941. But it was made popular by Peter Glickman in his book. After more than 60 years, the Master Cleanse program is more popular than ever. When popular celebrities, especially Beyonce Knowles used this kind of weight-loss program, everyone seemed to take interest.

With Master Cleanse, the individual is only allowed to drink the mixture made of water, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for ten days. No solid foods are allowed. The only that can be ingested would be laxative teas and saltwater flushes.

Master Cleanse help the body to detoxify. The body can quickly get rid of the toxins and improve one's health. Sometimes, wanting to lose weight too much can actually make us go blind in the health benefits of Master Cleanse program. The ingredients in Master Cleanse can give you a lot of benefits.

o Lemon
This is the most used ingredients used in Master Cleanse. Citrus fruits contain powerful antioxidants that are also known to minimize the risk of colon cancer, this is known as the limonin glucoside.

They are very high in vitamin C and potassium, they also have compound called limonene which shows anti-cancer properties. As citrus fruit, lemons have flavonoids which are common antioxidant that can reduce cancer and heart disease.

o Grade B maple syrup
Although this has high sugar, it is of natural sugar which is much easier to digest. Aside from the natural sugars, it is also high in zinc and manganese which can help in boosting the immune system. It is also high in other nutrients and minerals like vitamin B2, iron, calcium and potassium.

o Cayenne pepper
Capsaicin is present in cayenne pepper which can reduce pain and inflammation. Aside from capsaicin, it is rich with vitamins A and C, combined with the B complexes. They also have high calcium and potassium content.

Cayenne is considered as one of the most useful and valuable herbs in the world, not only does it help in regulating the digestive system, but it also helps in improving heart and blood circulation. It can also drain and flush mucus from the body. Cayenne pepper also promotes good blood flow which makes the heart healthy and the blood to flow smoothly.

o Laxative tea
It can come from flowers and herbs, which can stimulate the colon to tie it from whatever is blocking it. Most of laxative teas would come from the Senna plant and licorice root.

o Salt water
This acts as a laxative. This can also impure balance and help in replenishing electrolyte balance in the intestine. Salt has been noted ever since in helping removing poison and helping a wounded to heal.

o Water
Single most important ingredient is water. During Master Cleanse you would have taken more water that you did before. Keeping your body hydrated can remove a lot of problems like dry skin, kidney problems, and low energy.

Drinking lots of water could help you prevent headaches, infections, and even help you retain concentration. It can even help you remove baggy eyes and prevent cramps.

As whole, when taken, maser cleanse can help in detoxification and weight loss. It is important to know what single ingredients can give us. People may say that it may have no nutrients at all, but we now know otherwise.

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