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MFSL Gold Disc Original Master Recording

Thanks to Mobile Fidelity Sounds Labs (MFSL or MoFi for short) the world has a set of high quality music recordings to enjoy the best music released in the 20th century. While many have heard of the disks, few understand how they are manufactured and how they came to be.

The gold disc produced by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs was first envisioned in the middle 1980's and was allegedly an aggressive breakthrough in music technology. The gold on the surface of the disc cave MFSL the material to record in much more depth and quality than on a traditional compact disc. This cave the4m the where with all to make a disc sound like the superior LP, however it also solved the problem of the fragile nature of the LP recordings.

Once people began buying compact discs, Mobile Fidelity Sounds Labs was fast in adopting the medium and began producing the gold standard CD. This concept was tabbed the Ultradisk by MoFi. The Ultradisk is the Gold MFSL discs that are much thought after by audiophiles across the globe. By using a gold plated disc, the company was able to create a sharp appearance, while simultaneously allowing the MoFi to do things never thought possible. For example, the gold surface afforded the ability for Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs to record a very large amount of data on a disc. Among the more unique features of the gold disc has zero to do with the physical cd, instead the front and back cover artwork of the cd. A uniquely printed "Digital Recording Master" appears on the artwork atop of all of these CDs that MFSL produced. This is a quick, easy and great way to ensure you are purchasing a real Mobile Fidelity Sounds Labs disc.

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