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Mid Calf Boots – Wide and Narrow Boots

Many girls are head over heels in love with the trendsetting Mid Calf boots that raise upto your calves without fully covering your glitzy and sexy feet. Women wearing this footwear gain a great appearance and look extremely ravishing. But the problem faced with these footwear's by many women is the lack of proper "fit".

Not just the plus-size women but many women have a hard time finding the right pair of mid calf boots that fit their calves comfortably. With this in mind, many manufacturers design a wide variety of boots ranging from wide to narrow calf with different cuts and hues. No matter whether you are plus size or minus (fat calves or skinny) this footwear is catered in the market to meet your requirements.

Wide Calf Boots

If you're a plus size woman then these wide calf boots are the high high choices to comfortably fit your calves as well as to suit your needs. This footwear is a good bet to pair with anything to anywhere you desire.

This footwear mostly features an elastic panel at the top of the boot to fit the calves properly without causing any inconvenience. Being versatile, they look great with pencil skirts, pants, jeans etc and are really apt ones to give you a flattering and erotic appearance. A little heel added to them is a good choice to wear with any mid-length skirt for any casual or professional work outs.

Narrow Calf Boots

Wanna look sexy with slender legs? Then narrow calf boots are the right bet for you to gain a seductive appearance. They are the ideal choice for women with slim calves to appear lanky and sexy. Many women love wearing these boots to define their sex-appeal and seduce men with their erotic looks.

Narrow calf boots will fit your skinny calves perfectly and will ease your feet with utmost comfort. These boots will be a flattering choice to pair with denim skirts or any mini skirts to revamp your looks. Together with stiletto heels, they will give you a heck lot of wild and sexy appearance that you find all eyes wide opened at you in the crowd. Be in the limelight with a chic and sexy pair of calf boots and whirl up the style and sexy diva in you.

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