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Minnie Mouse Parties Bring Out the Kid in Us All

Fun Minnie Mouse invitations can be made at home for a Minnie Mouse party. Just trim black construction paper to match Minnie's face and ears and attach a red and white bow! Everyone will know the theme immediately upon opening the envelope. Use a white gel pen or marker to write the invitation information on one side.

There are so many decoration possibilities for a Minnie Mouse party. With the variety of pictures, posters and figurines of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse that so many people have in their own collection, there may be no need to purchase decorations at all. Just use what the guest of honor may already have to add flavor to the room or borrow from friends and relatives. And of course, do not leave out Minnie's friends Pluto, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

For a fun party game purchase or rent Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes for the Minnie Mouse party. Divide the guests up into two teams and line them up 20 feet from the costume. Have each kid run to the costume, put it on and run to a specified adult to take their picture. Then each child must return to the costume spot, remove the costume and run back in line to tag their next team member. The winning team is the one who gets all team members pictures taken and removes the costume first. These photos will make for great party favors or a great memory to enclose in a thank you card.

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