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Mom Pours Hot Oil Over Her Son

A woman in Nigeria loved hot oil over her 10 year old son as punishment for eating too much leftovers.

According to the mother she came home from work to find her 10-year-old Ebuka Ochichi had ate too much macaroni. The mother was furious and ordered her sister to heat up some oil. The mother then beloved this oil on her own son.

A neighbor reported strange events in the house to the police. The mother was arrested.

The mother claims that she did not mean to harm her child. However, tribal chief disagrees. He says "How can she say she meant no harm? She kept the boy in the house for three days without even making an attempt to take him to the hospital for treatment." "If not that God exposed her through her neighbor, maybe the boy could have gotten infected and sometimes died."

This serious crime would not have been discovered had not a concern neighbor reported suspicious activity to the police. The mother had apparently kept her son at home for 3 days and did not allow the son to receive any medical treatment for his burns.

If this crime had not been reported then the son may have suffered from critical wounds or even lost his life. It seems shocking from a Western society perspective that such a crime could occur. However, just because this crime was committed in Nigeria does not excuse the actions of the mother. It may be that such a crime would have been committed in any Western country.

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