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Monobenzone Skin Lightner In Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is a skin disorder white leaves white patches on the skin. These patches result from the depigmentation of that affected body part especially face, hands and wrist. This arises due to sudden attack of the immune system on the healthy tissues. These white patches do not look and you eventually lose your self confidence. These patches due to depigmentation of the affected tissues can be reduced with monobenzone drugs such as Benoquin. The immune system attacks the melanocytes. These are the cells which produce melanin, a pigment which imparts color to the skin or hair. Interestingly melanin imparts color to hair also and in Vitiligo patients the hairs of the affected area also turns grey in color. This disorder can affect anyone from infants to old people. There is no cure of this disorder available as such but Benoquin made from real monobenzone is widely used in the Vitiligo treatment. This topical cream reduces the depigmentation of the affected part and help to make the color of the skin uniform.

Vitiligo treatment also demands for including the diet changes and regular exercise. These two factors do not contribute directly in treating the depigmentation of the skin but these can increase the effectiveness of the Benoquin or monobenzone topical cream. A healthy person is more resistant to diseases than a weak one. Vitiligo treatment can be done with home remedies also. But if you have not enough patience or you have already tried some home remedies which have not given you the fair result than you need to get Benoquin for Vitiligo treatment. This is available in a cream formulation which you need to apply on the affected body part as directed by your doctor. It is very important to use Benoquin (monobenzone) for a longer period of time to get the desired result. Once you get the desired result with monobenzone cream, you need to apply it at a specific interval of time to keep the complexion uniform. This is the best way to reduce depigmentation of the skin.

Benoquin or monobenzone is a topical drug which is to be applied on the skin that has a depigmentation effect. It works by decreasing the excretion of melanin from the melanin producing cells in your skin. As monobenzone causes destruction of these cells, the effects are permanent. The effect is similar to the white patches on people with the skin condition, vitiligo, so this drug has long been used for those with widespread patches, in order to give a more even appearance to their skin. This drug commonly comes in the form of a cream but also as soap. Although in theory a person without vitiligo could use it to obtain a paler complexion due to its skin lightner effect, it is not recommended because the skin becomes unprotected from the sun due to the absence of melanin and the price of your new cosmetic appearance would be a radically increased risk of skin cancer. Therefore it is recommended to use this drug only in the Vitiligo treatment.

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