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Moschino RTW Collection At Milan Fashion Week 2017

Moschino Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to wear Collection

Building a wardrobe out of cardboard boxes morphed into phase two: Scott repurposing ripped pages from glossy magazine editorials to create body-distorting collages. Can’t afford the Moschino bra top? Rip out the paper version and scotch-tape it together over your sequined gown. “When you can recontextualize something, that’s what is really exciting,” Scott said in a recent interview. As for phase three? Why not recontextualise your entire house – including the rubbish bin? Mop heads formed the fringing accoutrements to a shower curtain gown; black rubber gloves lined up like ducks comprised a floor-length dress; a Persian rug became a floor-sweeper for Gigi Hadid; and Anna Cleveland even ripped down a curtain from the show set and fashioned it into a dress. Stephen Jones, meanwhile, worked his magic on trash can lids and tissue boxes, turning them into hats.


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