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Mothers Day Party Menu Ideas for a Memorable Mother's Day Party

Mother's Day is another special holiday for the person who brought us into the world, or the mother of your children. The day should be all about your mother or your wife, so you might choose to incorporate her favorite foods into what you prepare. Another idea is to surprise your Mom or wife completely and try something different. Here are some Mother's Day recipe ideas to get you started:

For breakfast you may want to make pecan waffles. For this you just need a pancake / waffle mix from the supermarket that you mix with milk. Heat up the waffle iron while you are mixing the waffle batter. Once the mix is ​​complete you will want to add c cup of pecans to fold into the batter. Then place the batter on the ready iron and cook the waffles. Accompanying this meal should be fresh berries, a little cheese, and a glass of milk.

A great idea for dinner is Shrimp Scampi. The shrimp need to be marinated in a butter and garlic sauce, fried in a skillet and placed over angel hair pasta. Garlic bread and a salad will make this meal complete.

Regardless of what your Mom's or wife's tastes are, you do not have to look far to find plenty of simple, yet elegant and delicious, dishes to prepare for the day. The most important thing, of course, is to give your Mom or wife the day off from the kitchen. Wait on her hand and foot, and make her really feel special. Get your kids involved in the food preparation too, as most children LOVE cooking and doing special things for their Mom. It's easy to make Mother's Day memorable.

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