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Naughty Foreplay

What do you want – a love process that ends as fast as it begins or a long lasting love process, which lasts as long as you want it to? Of course, any normal person will desire the second one. For a hot and steamy sex life, you need some intimate naughty foreplay in place.

For some starters, you can try the age-old trick. A long hot kiss will be the ideal one. It should not be just a peck on the cheek. Rather, it should be like the first one of your life – one that seemed like an endless knot, having no start or end. Just kiss your partner as if there is no tomorrow.

The next step is to undress slowly. Do not rush. It's not about how fast you can make it, but about how teasing and naughty you can get. The slower you go, the more anticipated your partner becomes. And if there is slow and sensuous music filling up the room, the evening is yours.

How about a nice sensual massage, then with some spotted oils? Give your partner a massage, a foot rub that he or she will remember for the rest of his / her life. The mood is now set for both of you to enjoy. Just give in. Have the night of your life. Naughty foreplay does not necessarily mean that you need to go dirty. Just discover what your partner wants. With some minor manipulations, you will be able to pave the way for the kind of sex you have always dreamt of. Remember – all is fair in love and sex. So, use some naughty foreplay which is a cruel part of the game.

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