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Nokia N80: 3G Multimedia Device

The Nokia N80 mobile phone is packed with connectivity and multimedia features. The strong point of Nokia N80 is connectivity, with built in WLAN support, Bluetooth and USB pop port. The N80 is a brilliant mobile photography device for capturing, collecting and sharing moments and memories. There's a 3 megapixel camera with capture key for fast and stable camera activation. Also, there is large internal memory of up to 40 MB which can be further expanded with a hot swap miniSD card of up to 2 GB. This allows users to store up to 1000 high quality images on the device.

The Nokia N80 incorporates a digital music player as well as stereo FM radio and support for Visual Radio. The XpressMusic feature allows you to identify Nokia products that provide a superior mobile music experience. The phone runs on Nokia's S60 3rd Edition on Symbian OS 9.1. The keyboard has large keys and well distributed and the screen resolution is crisp and bright. The N80 comes with two browsers, one is unspacular WAP 2.0 / HTML browser, and the other browser is an excellent mobile browser that's new for S60 3rd edition. The phone lets you create playlists and view music organized by artists, albums, playlists, genres, and composers. You can even stream your music files through your hifi (as long as it too supports UPnP) at the click of a button. The Nokia N80 3G phone enables you to browse the web, transfer files and use email using a high speed mobile connection. The N80 has support for WiFi that enables the user to do the same over a high speed WLAN connection when within range of a hot spot.

Overall, we can say that the N80 is the first smartphone that can be truly called as a modern world phone.

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