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Obey These Five Tips If You Have an Ex Boyfriend to Get Back

It might seem like it's almost impossible for you and your ex boyfriend to get back together with each other after you break up. It's certainly not easy, and a lot of people are not successful in getting their ex's back once they call it quits the first time around. After all, there was a reason you two decided to give up on each other. But you really can not blame yourself – or your ex boyfriend, for that matter. You're not expected to know how to get back together when no oneAVE you an instruction manual for breakups in the first place. But if you're really bent on getting him back, it is possible with these five easy-peezy-lemon-squeeze steps.

1. The first step is one you can not skip. You must get rid of those negative vibes going around in your head right now. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, and stop blaming yourself and your boyfriend. Stiffen your upper lip and think positively. You're never going to get your ex boyfriend back if you do not think positively about the situation and separate your emotions from your goals.

2. You must accept that your relationship with your boyfriend as you know it is over. If you do get him back, things are going to have to start fresh. He's not going to want to see the replay because that's why you broke up to begin with.

Do not fixate your mind on what happened that made you break up. All the thinking and apologizing in the world will not take you back in time to change it. Focus on a new path for you and your ex boyfriend to get back on. And do not minimize all the bad stuff that happened and expect your boyfriend to start back over in the course of a day. It took weeks for your relationship to break in the first place; there's no way one day is going to fix it.

3. Do not annoy your ex boyfriend. Do not pester him with calls and tweets and Facebook IM's. Guys hate it when girls become clingy and obsessive. Who knows, maybe that's why he broke up with you in the first place. Give him some space. Just because you want to see his face and hear his voice in your ear does not mean he wants to see or hear you. Think about his feelings before trying to comfort yours.

Continuous calls, nonstop texts, excessive emails and surprise visits to his apartment or work are all off limits. Sometimes he might begin to miss you. Take these foul actions, and you're going to blow it and have an even harder time getting him to come back to you.

4. You might have heard that looks do not count? Well, here's a bombshell for ya.

Looks count.

Your mom might get away with telling you she likes you just the way you are. Your best friend might get away with the same thing, but she's lying to make you feel better.

Here's the thing: A guy might love you for who you are, but he might be wishing inside all the time that you looked better. I'm not talking about the things you can not change, like how tall or short you are or how well you can fill out a wet T-shirt. You should not have to get plastic surgery to make a man like you. However, if you have ten pounds or more that would look better as burnt calories than flesh fat, lose them before you try to get your ex boyfriend back.

Oh, and here's an idea: Put on some makeup! Again, your boyfriend might have loved you for your heart, but he'll more than appreciate a little bit of healthy color on your shoulders and mascara on your eyelashes. If you're not willing to make an investment to look good, then you do not deserve to get your boyfriend back. Looking your best is what your boyfriend wants to see before he makes a commitment to get back with you.

5. Take your time. If you obeyed steps one through four, then your ex boyfriend will probably want to get back in touch with you on his own. And if he sees the whole new you, he'll be pleasantly surprised and wish he never broke up with you in the first place.

However, if you and your ex boyfriend get back together, keep any physical contact (aka making out and sex) to a minimum or none at all. Teasing him like this will drive him crazy but it will also test his will. If he wants to get back just to be friends with benefits, then you're better off without him.

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