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Planning to Buy Panama Property

Panama is a proud country that has a wealth of beautiful scenery, wildlife, culture and history. The thing that more people are discovering is that Panama property is extremely attractive to investors and those looking to relocate. The prices are very low, the laws make purchasing Panama property simple, there are tax benefits and there is an abundance of available property in the country.

Panama property taxes

The property taxes in Panama are based on a sliding scale with lower-cost properties paying less and more expensive properties shouldering a heavier burden. Panama Properties that have a registered value of $ 30,000 or less do not pay property tax. Panama Properties are taxed 1.75% between $ 30,000 and $ 50,000; a tax of 1.95% is levied for property values ​​between $ 50,000 and $ 75,000; and 2.1% is charged for any property value above $ 75,000.

For construction permits issued after Sept. 1, 2006 these exemptions apply:

o Value up to $ 100,000: 15-year exemption

o Value from $ 100,000 to $ 250,000: 10-year exemption

o Value over $ 250,000: five-year exemption

Basic Real Estate Laws and How They Affect Buyers

There are several steps to purchasing Panama real estate; after finding a property the first step is making a down payment. The down payment shows that the buyer is earnest in his or her attempt to purchase Panama property. This down payment is typically 10% and becomes the property of the seller when the transaction is competed or if the buyer backs out of the deal. If the seller backs out of the deal, the buyer is entitled to double the down payment as a penalty; This penalty is meant to encourage the seller to honor his agreement to sell.

The Promise to Purchase agreement is critical to the entire process. This contract includes the legal description of both the transaction being executed and the parties involved. All necessary information is included in this document including the property description, the terms of the transaction and the legal identification of both the buyer and seller. This document is later delivered to the escrow company and both the information for the title the names for the disbursements are taken from its pages.

Types of properties

Panama property is broken down into two different types: titled land and "right to possession". Understanding these two types of property are critical to understanding exactly what you are buying.

Titled land

Titled land is the term for all properties that are registered in the Public Registry. A formal history of ownership is available and any liens or other claims against the property are included. Like properties in the US, Panama property that is titled can not be sold without a clear title, making the title search an important step in the process. It is wise to note that you can purchase title insurance and it is as legally advised for real estate in Panama as it is for real estate in the United States.

"Right to possess" property was established by the Panamanian Government in 1971 to encourage accommodation of unclaimed, untitled land. While "squatter's rights" have not been used in the US for quite some time, it is still valid in Panama. For "right to possess" Panama property, it is very important to have a good attorney as legal issues could arise if proper procedures have not been followed by the previous owners. While this is concept is somewhat strange to Americans, do not be scared away if the property you want is 'right to possess'. new real estate.


Panama property is an excellent value and the process to purchase it is actually quite simple. Make sure that you have a good attorney that can explain the process step by step and help you monitor the process. If you stay aware of the process, buying Panama property can be a very profitable and easy transaction.

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