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Pleasure Islands

Spread in a large area spotted with 8 night clubs, over the years, Pleasure Island has become a hot spot for tourists and natives in Orlando. One single ticket ensures your entry to Island and its all seasons.Every night here is a New Year night and ebullient mood of the visitors here make it further electrified. Confetti canons blow decorative to make the atmosphere look more colorful and festive.

The secret of its being extremely popular despite lies in the fact that here is "Something for every taste". If you like the smashing album hits of bygone era you will find them at West End Stage. If you love to freak on jazz of contemporary era you will be more than happy to see big brothers playing live here.

Miss it not to be at the Mannequins Dance Palace ; the palace with huge dance floor that gyrates to make the experience of dancing even more exciting. The ambiance here is euphoric and it seems if there could be paradise on earth then it is here.

Moreover there are various restaurants and shops that are open throughout the day. You can enjoy shopping here by the time night life begins. Some of the major attractions of Pleasure Islands are:

8TRAX: This is the place where one actually slips into his / her platform shoes and dances to the tunes of 70's like: Donna Summer, the Village People, KC and the Sunshine Band, the Bee Gees and a lot more.

The Adventurers Club: It is an extremely interesting place to be in with a zany bunch of characters. There are four different rooms to visit that include:

  • Main Salon: Here you will be inducted to Adventure Club by taking oath and singing the club song. And yes you have to learn the club's salute too.
  • Mask Room: Just check out what's beyond the mask here.
  • Treasure Room: Just be careful in this artifact lined room.
  • Library: This is where the main shows take place.

BET SoundStage Club

Inpired by the musical programming from the BET Cable Network, this club offers hip-hop, R & B, Reggae and Old School tunes for your dancing enjoyment. You can also see yourself on the giant video screens in the hall.

The Comedy Warehouse

This is highly interactive and unscripted comedy show.

Rock n Roll Beach Club

While the beach party is live here you ears will receive the rock n roll tunes in this tropical themed dance clubs.

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