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Relationship Communication – Tips to Effective Skills in Listening

Listening is one of the most important skills you can learn in life. Whether it is with your family, work or with your friends, listening is the key to find out and understand information you need to know.

There are different types and levels of conversation. There are conversations that are like ping pong, a natural back and forth exchange. Some are light and some more in depth interactions.

These tips will facilitate a more meaningfulful conversation as well as show respect to someone who wants to share something significant with you. These skills will work in casual situations with family and friends or more formal situations at work.

1. Allow the person to fully express themselves and their feelings without interrupting. This takes responsibility on our part and humility. We humble ourselves when we set out our own desire to be heard and listen to someone else. The interesting thing is when you are willing to listen to someone else, they usually return the favor and show interest in listening to you as well.

2. Be present with them. If you are in person, look them in the eye.

When you walk or eat together or on the phone and it would be awkward for continual eye contact, make sure you simply let them know you are with them. Let it come natural but be present.

3. Listen to your heart, not just your mind. Get a feeling of empathy for what they experienced or felt.

When you develop listening skills, you will have power in your relationships. There are many more tips to effective listening and ways to work though conflict and have peace in your relationships.

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