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Review: Barbecook Master Charcoal Barbeque Grill

The Master charcoal barbeque grill from Belgium-based Barbecook (Saey Home and Garden) is such a smart and useful piece of grill that one can have at home.

It consists of a cast iron griddle, cast iron round grill as well as an extra wok which are all to be heated by a stainless barbecue that features Barbecook’s Quickstart and Quickstop system, a smart and efficient technology that makes barbeque charcoal grilling easier.

The design of the Barbecook Master actually keeps the barbeque hanging above a wooden table embedded with a cast iron flat panel on top which, with the help of the stainless pivoting rod, switches from side to side giving users the option of using the cast iron panel as hot plate.

Included in the set is a side table which functions not only as temporary storage or countertop but also as a large chopping board where a variety of grilling food and ingredients can be prepared.

Lighting up the charcoal is conveniently easy, thanks to its Quickstart system. Users of the Barbecook Master would only need to insert some newspapers into the chimney body of the barbeque, light up the newspapers after placing the charcoal on the grills charcoal bowl and that’s it, you should have glowing fired-up charcoals in 10 to 15 minutes. Later when all the grilling is finished later, its also very easy to clean as it has the Quickstop system that allows it’s users to just slide everything down to the water base to quickly extinguish the fire and easy disposal of the ashes and charcoal.

Practically is one of many advantages that Barbecook was able to successfully provide for the Master charcoal grill. Users can enjoy direct and indirect grilling through its adjustable and interchangeable circular grid, they can do teppanyaki using the Master’s hot plate cast iron top, and they can even do some authentic charcoal wok cooking.

Probably one of the few things that could one could take on as a disadvantage of the Barbecook Master it its wooden design which to many, could make it less comparable to the durability and longevity of say, having a full metal barbeque grill. Even still, the wooden design actually is an aesthetic plus factor for a lot of barbeque lovers and grilling fanatics because the wooden design compliments well with the natural “look” and “feel” of actually being in the outdoors where greenery and nature is the dominant theme, and where the Barbecook Master fits well. If some may worry of the grill being outdoors most if not all of the time, the set comes with an all-weather cover to protect it against normal wear and tear.

If you are on the lookout for a charcoal barbeque grill set that not only provides you with a lot of grilling options but also functionality and added aesthetics to get that real, natural outdoor barbeque feel, the Barbecook Master charcoal barbeque is highly recommended.

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