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Ringing in the Ears – What Are Some Causes

Ringing in the ears is a common problem for many American's. They are often frustrated because they can not figure out the source of their irritation. They usually have a condition known as tinnitus, a condition that causes light to screeching ring in the ears that make it hard for the person to be in quiet environments.

Chances are there is probably something that's causing your ears to ring. You may even be lucky enough to not have full blown tinnitus yet. If you can determine what some of the causes of the ringing in your ears are you can figure out ways to stop it.

You may have inner ear cell damage that's causing the ringing in your ears. What this means is that there are probably small tiny hairs in your ear that are not growing properly. They may be bent or positioned in a way that causes irritation when sound waves hit them. If you listen to a lot of loud music then this can lead to some of the damage, oftentimes people listen to loud music several decibels then what is safe for their ears.

What happens is once some of this damage has been done the ear reacts to all sounds waves the same. Little sound waves in your ears may make these hairs send small electrical signals to your brain that give you the illusion your hearing sound. This can be quite frustrating.

You can also start to have ringing in your ears if you are reaching a certain age, according to the health site Mayo Clinic most people begin to experience ear problems around the age of sixty. But this process can be accelerated if you do not take extra care to keep your ears from damage. People do a lot of things in their youth that contribute to this acceleration. Take extra care to avoid these things to lessen your chance of having the symptom of ringing in your ears.

Ear wax blockage is also one of the causes. Ear wax is not a bad thing though; it is there to stop dirt from getting into your ear and other common bacteria that can lead to such things as ear infections or even tinnitus. You do not begin to experience problems until the ear wax builds up and makes it hard for you to clean it regularly.

Once it reaches this point it is referred to as cerumenal impaction, this means that special measures will have to be taken to correct the problem. This is the stage where all kinds of infections are possible, including ringing in the ears that can lead to tinnitus.

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