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Sex Should Never Be The Sole Foundation Of A Husband And Wife Marriage

Love and marriage is not for the faint hearted. It is hard enough to build a relationship and keep your commitment. Love and marriage is a major theme in this novel, it is used to show a criticism of peoples reasons for marrying. The novel is shown through the view point of Elizabeth Bennet, and Elizabeth is a representation of Jane Austen; she lives in the same era and an authors views are shown in their novels, and in Pride and Prejudice the views are shown through Elizabeth. Love and marriage is more than a feeling you get in your tummy! If you marry outside of God's will, you will pay for it in tears!

Love and Marriage is about the hardships, and good times with being married. In, Childhood, Cosby relives his own childhood and experiences that went on within his family. Love and marriage is all about coexisting and not super imposing. I do not force you to do what I want and you do not have to force me to do what you want as long as we do not hurt each other.

Remember that true love and marriage are not about playing each other. Remember, this whole thing is grouped as immorality.

Sex should never be the sole foundation of a husband / wife relationship, but it is the only part of the relationship that is unique to the marriage relationship. It was designed by God for this purpose. Sex – or more accurately the lack of it – is a hot topic among British middle-classes. Smug Marrieds, it looks, are not quite as smug as they pret to be. Sexual love is pretty much the most fickle and least noble.

Marriage is a mysterious, complex and extremely serious endeavor. The notice that you are going to be guided to share your life with the same person for the rest of your life is simply delusional. Marriage is about partnership, and marriage is mundane when it works, at least most of the time. Then there are those times when I am reminded that this particular marriage is the best thing in the world that will ever happen to me, that the argument over stretching exercises is not worth it, etc. Marriage requires "love," a word we often use with vagueness and sentimentality. We may assume that love is some rare and mystical event, when in fact it is our natural state of being.

Married life has taken its toll on the couple. But neither of them wants to give up this relationship and they will do almost anything to keep it alive including holding back any feelings that they may have for another person.

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