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Shattered Glass Manicure Trend 2017

Meet the Korean Nail Artist Behind the Shattered Glass Manicure Trend

Those shattered glass nails that went viral last week? That was Park. And those experimental designs were only the beginning. “The nails I do are uniquely designed, but simple and minimalist,” says Park, seated on a velvet couch inside her one-year-old space on a recent Friday as she speaks about her impactful but wearable approach to nail art.

While Keith Ape’s K-rap booms in the background, she walks over to the salon’s front table, where a selection of her acrylic and gel designs are proudly displayed: Snoopy and Woodstock throwing their heads back in laughter, a set of golden arches and a Big Mac. “I draw them all myself,” she says of doodling a handful of different ideas each week, while experimenting with new mediums.

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