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Six Tips To Persuade Him To Commit To You

It`s awful when the man you've been dating turns to you and says that he`s not ready for commitment, marriage or anything else that you have been working towards for the past few months (years).

Why else would an intelligent woman spend time and energy on a man if she was not waiting for a permanent commitment?

I mean, come on, it`s in our genes to look for the most suitable mate so that we can settle down with him and extremely have children. So why is it that some men appear horrified at the mention of the M (marriage) word? They look at you as though you`ve just grown a pair of horns and you are now trying to drag them screaming to the altar.

So, what do you do if the man in your life does not yet realize that you are `the one`. How do you make him see that he`d be making the biggest mistake of his life if he lost you by not putting a ring on your finger?

It`s not actually as difficult as you may think, but like most things, you do need a strategy.

Of course you can hang in there and hope that he figures things out for himself, BUT, you may be in for a VERY long wait.

If you`re getting impatient for him to offer a permanent relationship, here are 6 tried and tested tips for getting that ring on your finger:


1. Pester him to commit to you or drop hints every time you walk past a jewelry shop. Constantly harassing him to buy you a ring or commit to something permanent, will drive him mad and he will feel as though you are pushing him into a corner. Nobody likes to feel manipulated, so don`t be tempted to go down this route.

2. Give him an ultimatum – unless you are absolutely sure that you will stick to your guns if he refuses to comply with your wishes. Ultimatum is just another work for threat and that is never a good way to secure anything worthwhile – especially a marriage proposal. If he does refuse to get serious and you don`t follow through with your threat to walk away, you will be in a weakened position and will look desperate. He may then never consider you as wife material.

3. Behave as an insecure and wronged girlfriend. Just because he isn`t ready to commit does not mean that you are not pretty enough, clever enough or interesting enough, it just means that he isn`t at that stage of your relationship YET. So be sure that you don`t act clingy and in constant need of reassurance – this is not attractive and certainly not desirable in a permanent mate.


1. Make him feel special by paying him small compliments and making sure that he feels good about him when the two of you are together. This is a really clever tactic, but does not mean that you must constantly massage his ego – far from it. Just make sure that you notice when he does something particularly nice or comment when he wears a new aftershave or looks particularly good. By subtly increasing his self-esteem when he is with you, he will sub-consciously begin to seek out your company as you always make him feel good about himself.

2. When you are together, give him your attention and don`t spend time texting or speaking with your girlfriends. Let him know that you value the time you spend together and think of ways you can enjoy the time as a couple rather than always being part of a group.

3. Be independent and confident. A strong, independent woman is attractive and more desirable than a weak and needy woman who can not function without a man by her side. By having hobbies and friends of your own, you will have plenty to talk about when you are together and you will be more attractive to him by simply being confident. Any man who prefers to be with a woman who is reliant on him and has no interests or friends of her own is a man of little confidence who needs the women in his life to be compliant so that he may feel strong and in control. Steer well clear.

So there you have it, a few ideas to get your `get me a ring` campaign off to a flying start. These strategies work, I can personally guarantee that, but if you don`t believe me, start using them and find out for yourself. You will be totally blown away at how effective they are.

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