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Some of the Best Buys of Amber Jewelery

Amber gemstones, along with gold or silver, is a great combination. It not only provides you with the elegant looks but also helps in providing you with luck. These amber gemstones were used by the people in certain countries to keep away from the troubles. It also helps in maintain good health and since they give out electrical energy when rubbed with a cloth, they are also used for the healing techniques. Amber jewelry is worn along with a matching earring, necklaces or even with pendants.

Various jewelleries made with the combination of silver and amber gemstones are:

1. Pure Silver and Amber lily earrings: These earrings are the combination of absolutely pure silver and cognac amber which is given a shape of lily. They are worn along with a matching Pendant and bracelet and total cost of this product is up to 15.95 dollars. The length of these earrings is about 3.2 cm.

2. Pure Silver and Amber Bracelet: The length of this bracelet is about 16 cm and is made of pure silver and cognac amber. This bracelet will cost you around 24.95 dollars and it has a very unique and attractive look.

3. Tear drop shaped earrings made of pure silver and amber: This pair of earrings is made of teardrop shaped pure silver and amber gemstones in oval shape. The cost of these earrings is around 18.95 dollars and comes in size of 5 cm in length. Amber gemstones used in this earring come are yellow, cognac and green in color.

4. Amber in cognac color and in drop shaped earrings: The Amber gemstones used in these earrings is well designed in a drop shaped and Baltic amber stones are used in this pair of earrings. There are two stones in each of the earrings. The length of each of the earring is 7.5 cm whereas size of the stone is about 2.2 cm and 1.4 cm. These earrings will cost you around 16.95 dollars.

5. Amber Hoop Earring: This pair of earrings comes in the range of 15.95 dollars and is made of pure silver in hoop shaped. Around the hoop there are amber gemstones in yellow, cognac and green color. The width of these amber stones is around 4 cm.

These are some of the best products from amber jewelery which you can buy at reasonable rates. You can compare the rates of these products in different websites to make sure that you get the best buying price.

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