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Square Diamond Earring

There is no question that diamonds are one of the most desired of many women. Square diamond earrings are one of the many variants of diamond jewelries. Square cut diamond earrings are precious gifts that will surely bring a big smile from the woman you dearly.

Aside from its color, clarity and carat, the cut of a diamond determinates its uniqueness and value among the variety of available diamonds. There are so many cuts of diamonds in the market but the princess cut diamond earrings or commonly known as the square cut diamond earrings are one of the most favored because of its uniqueness compared to other common cuts. Only high skilled jewelers can craft this type of cut, and that gives it a higher price than other diamond earrings.

It also has more brilliance and shine compared to other types of diamond earrings, guarantee more light and brightness to your face as you wear it. This earring can be used in any occasion you desire. It is definitely eye-catching and will surely make you stand out. Because of its modern look and design, square cut diamond earrings are also ideal for young girls.

When you go shopping for your square cut diamond earrings it would be best to consider some factors to help you determine and purchase the best choice for your money's value.

One of the most essential factors in choosing a diamond earring is the clarity. There are a lot of diamond earrings that has low clarity. These are considered diamonds of low quality. As much as possible, avoid these types because they are dull and do not make reflections as good as that of high quality diamonds.

The color is another factor. In finding the perfect diamond jewelry you must choose that with only one color as this shows how pure it is. However, this is not always the case since there are diamond earrings that are tinted in color. Some of the tinted colored diamonds are rare and are more expensive. They may come in blue color and are considered the most rare of the diamonds: the "hope diamond".

In terms of value, diamonds are measured in carats, which refer to the actual size of a gem. It is the measurement of quantity rather than its quality. Larger diamonds are more expensive compared to smaller ones. There is no rule in terms of choosing the carats; It's only a matter of preference.

For those who want square diamond earrings as an investment, it is best to choose the best in quality over the other factors.

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