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Start Believing in Yourself

It has become important now-a-days to have confidence in yourselves, to believe what you say and to believe what you do. Well, half of the people give up on themselves because they literally start hating themselves, maybe because, they are not as good as others are or due to some other ludicrous reasons. Comparison is fine but you don’t have to compare yourself to others. You need to compare yourself with yourself, what you were yesterday and what you are today and what will you be tomorrow. Why is this saying so famous- “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELPS THEMSELVES”? Because god here really means what you think of yourselves. God is inside you, inside every human being on this planet or on any other planet where life exists. You just need to look deep inside you, your soul and keep on looking for it until you get it. You have gold buried under the fake lustre of copper inside your body, you need to dig hard, you need to dig with conviction and I guarantee you, the day you find it out you will be the richest person on this planet. And richest not in terms of money but in terms of virtues, deeds and thoughts. Believe me, your life will be more lavish than even the richest person you know.

The road that leads to something big is never easy. You will have to suffer many failures, many losses on this road too because the only key to success is to never give up no matter how difficult the path is, how many hindrances the path has, just never ever give up!! The legend has it that this path has the power to mould you from what you were to what you wanted to be. At the end of the road, you may either find a huge cliff to climb or a deep abyss to jump. But the path would have induced inside you the power to fly, so no matter what befalls you, you will be able to reach the top of cliff or the bottom of abyss.

I am going to give you a spell today that I learnt from the famous book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and goes like this: every morning you see your face in the mirror and while doing that just whisper these words to the person in mirror – YOU ARE MORE THAN YOU APPEAR TO BE; ALL THE WORLDS STRENGTH AND POWER RESTS INSIDE YOU – you do it every morning without fail unless you start believing those words, unless you have confidence in yourself and unless you think YOU CAN DO IT!

Nobody can remain inspired and motivated all the time unless you have it coming from inside you. Motivation is one of the most important things that you need to possess for going on in life. You may watch many inspirational videos, read a lot of motivational blogs but this kind of motivation only lasts for a day or two. If you want to keep yourself inspired for always, simply start doing one thing-Start finding your passion, the thing you love to do, the thing you can do almost forever without getting bored or without giving up. For some this task might seem easy while at the same time for others, it might seem quite hard. What is the value of success if it isn’t hard to get.

Now it’s on you – You want to do something you do not like your whole life and regret it or you want to find your true passion and make it your career to make good money doing what you love…

It’s your call, Think it wisely…

Stay calm and stay alive…

Source by Pavneet Singh Ajnala

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