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Striped Print Maternity Swimwear

Maternity swimwear doesn’t always need to be a solid color, and especially black, to help make you look thin. It doesn’t need to be something very boring or not fun. Maternity swimwear can look great and help you to feel good about yourself especially as the months pass when it’s hard to feel good about anything. One option to think about is a striped maternity swimsuit.

Zigzag vertical stripes can look really stylish when done right. Fortunately, Maternal America has used the famous designer Missoni to put together some halter maternity bathing suits. The eponymous name suit has orange trim highlights with browns, yellows, greens and purples. The halter tie straps are embellished with a gold clasp to add some beautiful accent. The bottoms match the tops and tie at the side to provide a bit of growth as you progress on with your term.

New from renown bikini manufacturer Bikini Thief is the Pisces Dream are the striped maternity swimsuits. Diagonal stripes on the top as well as the bottoms. However, the tops has Pisces, the zodiac fish, as one bar of stripes interspersed with the ocean’s waves. From afar it looks like just a stripe but when you get close, you notice that the fish are cleverly swimming on your top! The bottoms are a tie style to allow for growth with a traditional diagonal pattern. What’s more is that the colors are not limited to one but available in blue or pink which is great to find something that will fit your mood.

Also available from Bikini Thief is their Montauk maternity tankini. This lovely maternity bathing suit has a fashionable bamboo pattern running vertically across the suit. The bamboo varies from wide to narrow and has wonderfully intricate leaf pattern throughout the design. It has an adjust rutching at the side which allows you to show more or less belly as you prefer. The bottoms have the same matching pattern and are adjustable as needed. The come in either a green, blue or purple base color.

A classic from Prego Maternity is their Oasis print halter maternity swimsuit. This diagonally striped swimwear comes in a blue and brown-green base with various sized flowers floating and interspersed among the stripes. The halter style allows you to adjust the length to give optimal bust support. A rectangular buckle at the cinch between the two cups adds a bit of styling flair. The bottoms are brown and bikini style allowing more coverage and support on your belly.

Last from Maternal America is the zebra print maternity bathing suit. Normally, you do not want to have horizontal stripes on a pregnant belly but this suit is the exception to the rule. Because the stripes are of an animal print and of a wavy pattern, the end result is to break up any of the shadows or lines on your belly. This causes your pregnant bump to not look as large as one might think it is. Too, the zebra print style is always in fashion and is sure to turn heads and make people wonder when maternity swimwear started to look so good. The halter tie top is embellished with a series of large beads which makes it seem like this top could almost be a strapless style. Bottoms are matching zebra print with the adjustable side ties.

If you are looking for a great pattern in maternity swimwear, be sure to try out a striped one. Stripes have always been that classic styling. Find one that suits your look whether it be vertical, diagonal or horizontal stripes. Spice up the suit and find one with an animal print, plant or flower design. No matter what you are looking for, this is surely that one suit that will look great on you!

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