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Targeted Domain Names – Latest 6 Simple Steps to Explode Your Domain Names

Just like trademark, logo, or brand name, your domain name is one of the best representations of your business identity. In choosing the best name for your website, you just have to remember 2 things; it must promote easy recall and it must be keyword-rich so it is both search engine and user-friendly.

1. Avoid using words that may communicate unintentional messages. For instance, TherapistFinder can be interpreted as TheRapistFinder. To avoid this from happening, you can capitalize the first letters of each word or use a hyphen in between your words.

2. Avoid using website names that are very similar to your competitors. Be unique and be known for it. Avoid duplicating your competitors' domain names so online users will not be confused when they try to find your website.

3. Avoid using words that are spelled differently on other locations. This is beneficial if you are targeting international audience. Words like color, jewelry, and flavor for example are being spelled color, jewelery, and flavor on other parts of the globe.

4. Avoid using special characters as much as possible. Your visitors may recommend your site to their friends or family members over coffee or over the phone. It would be harder for them to say your domain name out loud if it has any special characters.

5. Pick the best suffix. Based on the type of website that you are running, you can use .com, .org, .net, .tv, etc. However, if you would like to appeal to global community, I suggest .com as it communicates integrity and professionalismism.

6. Keep it short and simple. To make your domain name easy to remember, use 6-20 characters and use words that your potential readers can easily refer to.

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