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The Best Gold Guide Secret in Cataclysm

Let me guess, you've been reading around a bit and stumbled upon this article looking for a farming spot that you can repeat over and over again to make gold in cataclysm. Let me tell you a little secret: there is no secret farming spot, or at least not one that will last forever as it only takes one site broadcasting it before your gold mine disappears.

So if you were looking for the best secret gold guide master farming spot, you have come to the right place, however, you will not be killing anything while you make the gold.

Before I get into how you will be taking advantage of the best gold secret in cataclysm, let me ask you a question: Why are not you making thousands of gold every day on the auction house? Seriously, what is stopping you from taking advantage of the incredibly easy to use and abuse economic system in the world of warcraft?

Are you:

Not sure how it works?
Scared you'll lose gold?
Thinking it's a waste of time?

I understand why you feel this way. The vast majority of players in cataclysm believe that the auction house is another vendor that you dump items on once in a while and then get gold back in the process (hopefully). This is a terrible way to use the auction house, and you are actually being taken advantage of by other players. You're making others rich and losing out on so much gold it's not funny.

Here's an example, maybe you fit into this mindset:

A new player is leveling and acquires some boar meat at level 10. He takes that boar meat and tries to sell it in trade chat, but no one offers him anything for it. Next, he remembers that there is something called the auction house and decides to post it there. After getting on the auction house he sees that there is already a stack of boar meat up there for 50 silver. Disappointed, the new player posts his own stack of boar meat for 25 silver and goes back to questing. He gets the silver sent to him about two hours later and thinks nothing of it. What he does not know is that the boar meat was worth 30 gold and that someone else just relisted it for that price along with the other stack as well.

So how the heck is someone new going to learn to use the auction house? With addons, tutorials and lots of help. However, the few hours of effort required to learn how the auction house works and how several addons can be used to efficiently take advantage of players like the new one who posted those stacks incorrectly is well worth the time invested.

In fact, that new player was me. A week later I learned to use the auction house through addon manipulation and I was the one flipping boar meat from 25 silver to 30 gold, just like someone else had done to me. It was not long before I was flipping and had several thousand gold at level 39. By the time I reached level 80 I had over 34,000 gold on my character and then I started getting into professions. It turns out, there are addons for that too. I'm not some brainiack, I just figured out that the auction house is not a vendor.

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