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The Difference Between White Gold and Platinum

In recent years, platinum are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to engagement rings. While they may both look similar to the eye, they are equally special in their own right. Here we discover the difference between the two and which could be best for you.


This white precious metal is exceptionally rare, hence the price tag it can often attract. To compare, Platinum is often twice the price of the same setting. Platinum is a great choice for an engagement ring, or a ring of any kind for the matter, for a number of reasons:

* Perfect for sensitive skin – this metal is almost 95% pure when set

* Easier to hand engrave than white gold

* Heavier – this can be seen as a good or bad thing!

* More durable – less chance of scratching and discolouration (but be aware it will still scratch)

* Holds its value

White Gold

White gold is generally the more budget friendly cousin of Platinum and is exceptionally popular. is the softer of the two metals, which is why it may not keep its lustre as long as a Platinum setting. The reason that some people are unfortunate enough to have an allergic reaction to white gold is said to be because of the nickel used in the metal. Nowadays, many jewellers choose to not use nickel for this exact reason, however antique rings may have been made with this, so always be careful when buying for those with sensitive skin. Some of the reasons that white gold remains a genuine favourite is because:

* Budget friendly – still has the same look as Platinum, but at a much cheaper price point

* Rhodium plated – many white gold rings are covered in Rhodium to make the gold appear whiter and allows the metal to last long. Rhodium is very durable but will wear off eventually. To keep a white gold setting looking like new it is best to have the ring re-rhodium plated every 18 or so months.

Whichever precious metal you decide on, it is always best to get care and maintenance instructions from the jeweller you purchase the ring from. This will ensure that you will be able to enjoy the ring for years to come.

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