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The Lean Diet Anyone Can Follow!

When dieting for a contest or photo shoot I always try to construct my contest diet in a "I can live with this diet" type plan. Between work, kids, training, and juggling all the other personal responsibilities I may have in life, a complicated diet makes the task that much harder to accomplish. It always seems like the day I start a strict contest diet all kinds of unexpected distractions keep popping up. I want to have a simple, no brainer diet plan that I can easily adjust as needed.

Uniformity for Ease

For most of the year my diet is made up of foods I enjoy. I have a simple selection of foods I like and basically eat the same thing every day. I realize that eating the same foods every day may not sound appealing to some people, but I recommend you follow a basic menu when trying to get in contest condition. If you eat different foods every day you will not know how many calories you're taking in. By keeping the meals uniform, you'll be able to control the calories you eat and easily maintain the fat burning process. When my body fat percentage levels off, I adjust the diet slowly until it starts down again by simply decreasing portions or adjusting protein and carbohydrates foods. For example, to reduce calories in my meals I replace starchy carbohydrate foods with fibrous carbohydrates foods. If I start to lack energy I add a tablespoon or two of MCT oil to my meals.

The High Definition Diet Is Based On Four Principals

1. Eat a lot of healthy, natural foods in the right combinations. 2. Keep detailed records of everything you eat. 3. Include plenty of aerobic activity. 4. Use the proper combination of supplements.

Sounds simple does not it? That's because it is! Nutrition is not rocket science and does not have to be confusing. Once you cut through all the commercial hype and bull stuff, you'll be amazed at how simple it really is to get into competition condition.

However, the level of success you'll receive from the High Definition Diet will depend on three key ingredients you'll add to the program.

1. Your devotion 2. Your effort 3. Your consistency

If you are willing to devote 100% effort and consistency to following the program for 12 weeks, the High Definition Diet will alter your physique in ways you only dreamed of.

The High Definition Diet Principals of Apple Cider Vinegar

Also, I now use Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar instead of commercial vinegar in my salads and workout drinks. While laid up in the hospital with my trauma accident, I researched and studied natural foods that were nutrient in minerals, vitamins, and other trace minerals. Building muscles and bones starts from within the bloodstream from the foods you ingest. I found that raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar has many health benefits. Internal benefits include:

1. Rich in enzymes & potassium 2. Natural antibiotic & germ fighter 3. Helps control & normalize weight 4. Improves digestion & assimilation 5. Helps remove inflammation & stiffness 6. Helps remove body toxins 7. Helps remove artery plaque

External benefits include.

1. Helps promote youthful, healthy body 2. Helps maintain healthy skin 3. Soothes tight, aching muscles & joints

My personal belief is that raw apple cider vinegar helped promote overall health and strength to my body at a time when it needed it most, while recovering from a trauma accident. I have never stopped using it since 1987.

Contest Condition

How to Get Ripped!

Now I want to tell you the secret of losing fat and not muscle. This way you can get your body fat percentage level as low as you want to without losing hard earned muscle mass. I learned this procedure after much trial and error. Once you learn how to safely manipulate your metabolism, you can get as ripped as you want. GUARANTEED!

A mistake most people make is to rely only on counting calories to get into top condition. In my first bodybuilding contest I defeated a lot of bodybuilders who were much more genetically gifted than I was. I came in at 180 lbs, ripped to the max. I defeated guys who were weighing from 200 to 225 lbs. They had more muscle mass than I did and even a better body structure than I did, but their lack of total definition made them look fat when compared to me on stage. They made the mistake of wanting to compete at a designated body weight instead of competitiveness at whatever weight best displayed their muscles. Do not make this mistake! I want to show you the method of losing fat and not muscle without starving yourself.

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